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Journalist convicted of smuggling for helping Syrian boy migrate to ... for-helping-syrian-boy-migrate

Feb 9, 2017 ...Fredrik Önnevall met teenager in Greece while filming documentary about the migration crisis. ...A Swedish court has found a TV journalist guilty of smuggling for helping a Syrian boy migrate to the country and given him a suspended sentence. In the spring of 2014, Fredrik Önnevall was filming a...

Reporter 'smuggles' Syrian teen to Sweden - The Local

Jan 8, 2015 ...A Swedish reporter has helped a Syrian child escape to Sweden, where people smugglers can face up to two years in prison.

Swedish journalist faces trial for helping a Syrian boy enter Sweden ... syrian-boy-enter-sweden

Nov 17, 2016 ...Fredrik Önnevall is accused of people smuggling after helping Abed, a teenager, get to Sweden from Greece during making of a documentary in 2014.

Journalist facing trial is 'confident' he was right to help refugee boy ... boy-flee-to-sweden-fredrik-onnevall-sweden-syria

Jan 25, 2017 ...A Swedish journalist who faces trial over human smuggling says he has no regrets about helping a Syrian boy flee to Sweden. "Take me with you," pleads Abed, a teenage Syrian migrant. Swedish journalist Fredrik Önnevall is stunned but after wrestling with his conscience, agrees. On Thursday he goes...

Refugees Desperate to Leave Denmark Begin March to Sweden ...

A Syrian Christian from Damascus who was wearing a wooden necklace of beads and a cross around his neck pushed a stroller carrying his sleeping 5-year -old daughter. He lagged behind the rest of the group, and two teenage boys from Darfur, Sudan, slowed down to help him. "We are going to Sweden," one of the boys,...

Smuggling - The Local Sweden

Danish family smuggled 69 dogs, 10 horses and 4 goats to Sweden. A Danish family of four have been found guilty of smuggling after they moved from Denmark to Sweden and brought their 83 animals without the proper paperwork.

Daily Snopes

Oct 14, 2015 ...This page features a daily collection of links to news articles and web sites of interest to readers of our web site. Due to the ephemeral nature of this type of material, some of the links may expire within a few days of being posted here. Stories are chosen for inclusion here purely on the basis of their appeal...

Syria - The Local Sweden

Sweden Democrats under fire over Syria trip. Critics say the visit has complicated Swedish diplomacy on Syria after the lawmakers' trip was used in regime propaganda purposes.

A Syrian Refugee's Epic Escape | The New Yorker

Oct 26, 2015 ...Nicholas Schmidle on the seven-thousand mile journey of a Syrian refugee to seek asylum in Sweden. ...One of Ghaith's nieces, a teen-ager, was imprisoned for posting a comment on Facebook that condemned a barrel-bomb attack by the Syrian Air Force on civilians in Homs. Government agents...

Inside slain journalist's fateful submarine ride | New York Post

Aug 26, 2017 ...It was meant to be only a “brief trip to Scandinavia,” Swedish journalist Kim Wall assured one of her New York editors. The Nordic jaunt — a stopover en...... Submarine owner charged in journo's death kept torture, killing videos: prosecutor ...His father died when Madsen was a teenager. In a video on the...

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